Below are some general guidelines regarding our fees, utilizing a two-tiered price structure:

EARLY SEASON – January through the first week of February – Our minimum fee during this time frame is $ 100.  This applies to a basic tax return with W-2 and/or retirement income, standard deduction and no additional schedules (see below for fees regarding dependents).

PRIME SEASON – Second week of February through the April filing deadline – Our minimum fee during this time frame is $ 200, with no exceptions.  Fee will increase from there based on complexity of return, time needed to prepare and number of forms required.  The average cost of a return with itemized deductions will be

$ 225.  Returns with additional schedules for small businesses, capital gains or rental properties will average $ 250 and up.

EXTENSION SEASON – May 1 through Oct 15 – A minimum fee of $ 100, with fee increases based on complexity of return.

MAIL-INS & DROP OFFS – We only accept these returns until March 16 and will be priced based on when received, time needed to prepare and complexity of return.  A $10 postage fee will be added to any returns that need to be mailed back to the client. We mail all returns Priority mail.

CONSULTATIONS – A minimum fee of $ 100 will apply to any in-office or phone consultations and assistance with tax withholding.

DEPENDENT RETURNS – Clients requesting tax returns prepared for dependent children will incur a minimum fee of $ 75 per return.  Please have your non-dependent adult children schedule their own appointment.

CANCELLATIONS AND NO-SHOWS – We will assess a $ 50 cancellation fee for appointments canceled with less than a 24 hour notice.  This fee will be collected before we schedule a new appointment.

PAYMENTS – Payment is expected at time of service.  We gladly accept cash, checks and credit cards.  Please consider supporting small businesses rather than large banks by opting to pay with cash or check.

Each return will include electronic filing, a federal return, one state return and a hard and electronic copy for your records.  Multiple state returns will increase the cost.  These are general guidelines and can be impacted by a variety of situations.