CLICK HERE to download a printable PDF of our “What to Bring” List


If you and your spouse are not both able to attend the appointment you will need to bring current year e-file authorization forms (Federal and State) signed by the absent party.

We expect our clients to be organized and have all necessary documents printed and in hand for the appointment. Please open all envelopes and have your spreadsheet or list of expenses totaled and accessible during the appointment. 

This helps us to fully complete your return on the day you are here,  stay on schedule for the day and keep the prices reasonable for you. If you are missing information it can take several weeks for your return to be finalized.


(bring these items in addition to the items listed under returning clients)

  • state id/ driver’s license for you and your spouse
  • social security cards for you, spouse and any dependents
  • copy of previous 2 years tax returns
  • signed e-file signature page for your spouse if both of you cannot attend the appointment
  • Health Insurance Documents and and/ or Insurance Card 

(Healthcare Marketplace Insurance cannot be filed without the 1095 A Document and will reject if you do not provide it. )

    • If not already on file please bring all of the items listed above.
  • All income statements including:
    •  W2
    • 1099 MISC
    • 1099 R for pensions and retirement accounts 

(including early distributions and rollovers)

      • Retired public safety officers please provide your annual cost of health insurance deducted from your pension 
  • If you have a financial investment account these 1099s may come as a consolidated tax statement. Some companies require you to download and print and will not issue a copy in the mail unless requested. Some financial companies also get extensions and will not release the final forms until late February or later. In order to reduce the need for amendments please contact your advisor and make sure you have the most up to date tax documents. 
    • 1099 G for unemployment
    • W2 G for gambling income (if you intend to report losses please have the total ready for us)
    • 1099 SSA for social security or disability benefits
    • 1099 Q – Disbursements from Qualified tuition plan and any supporting documents to show what was paid out of the account towards tuition. Additionally 529 plans can now also be used towards fees, books, supplies and equipment required for a registered apprenticeship programs.
    • HSA Disbursements 
    • Alimony paid or received and the date the divorce was final
    • If you sold a property please provide:
      • Date of purchase and cost
      • Value of capital improvements
      • Date of sale and sale price and any expenses or closing costs from the sale
      • The closing disclosure/ summary if available (AKA  HUD-1)
      • If it is your primary residence of at least 2 years and you did not receive a profit of more than $250,000 for single/ $500,000 for Married Filing Joint and you did not receive a form 1099 S we do not need any documents from the sale.
    • If you have Rental Property please provide:
      • Rental income
      • An organized and detailed list of expenses that are totaled and listed by category (mortgage interest statement – if your mortgage was sold you may have more than 1, taxes, utilities, repairs etc). Review your prior year schedule E to get an idea.
      • If the property is new please bring the closing disclosure/summary and or a summarized list of the purchase date and price, any closing costs or other fees plus the above items
    • Self Employed – Schedule C please provide:
      • Total Income
      • Total Wages/1099s paid to employees and sub-contractors
        • Payroll statements showing taxes paid on payroll
      • An organized and detailed list or spreadsheet of expenses. Please refer to the prior years return. Please call us or email before the appointment if you need help clarifying. 
      • If you have a home office for your business or if your business is operated out of your home we will also need:
        • Rent (if you don’t own the home)
        • Mortgage Interest, Home Equity Interest (as long as its related to repairs/improvements on the home) and PMI from form 1098
        • Real Estate Taxes paid in calendar year 2019
        • Home Owners Insurance
        • Repairs and Maintenance
        • Utilities
        • If the property is new (or you bought or sold your residence) we need your closing settlement summary, the date the home was placed in service for business purposes, the square footage of the home and the total square feet of the home that is used for business. Please contact us with any questions regarding this. 
    • If you purchased any new equipment worth more than $500:
      • Purchase date and value
      • If it’s a vehicle bring the sale agreement
  • Deductible Items for tax credits etc including:
    • 1099 student loan interest paid
    • Educator expenses
    • MA EZ Pass Tolls for Commuting
    • Contributions to a qualified MA State U-Fund Pan for college tuition
    • HSA Contributions
    • 1098 T – Tuition paid for yourself or a dependent
      • Any other school related expenses for books, supplies and equipment. (Room and Board is not used for the education credits)
  • Per the “Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020” passed late in 2019 the Tuition and Fees deduction has been reinstated and has been extended retroactively to 2018 as well. Please bring your 2018 1098-Form so we can determine if your return needs an amendment.
    • 1099 Q for disbursements from a qualified tuition plan. See above.
  • Itemized deductions:
  • See the chart below for the Standard Deduction amounts. There will be a $10,000 limitation on taxes paid (RE tax, income tax on wages, excise and sales tax) for Single, Married Filing Jointly and Head of Household $5000 Limitation for Married Filing Separate. The 2% Exclusion items have been removed (Work from home for payroll employees, unreimbursed uniforms, supplies, unreimbursed mileage, investment expenses etc). There are exceptions for this if you are an armed forces reservist, Qualified performing artist, fee based government official, or for impairment related work expenses. 
Filing StatusStandard Deduction
Married Filing Jointly or Qualifying Widow(er)$24,400
Married Filing Separately$12,200
Head of Household$18,350

If you think you may exceed the new standard deduction Please Provide:

  • Medical Expenses (must exceed 7.5 % of income) and mileage.
  • Real Estate Taxes on your primary residence paid in calendar year 2019
  • Excise tax
  • Mortgage interest form 1098
  • Home Equity Interest form 1098 as long as the credit line or loan was related to repairs/improvements to the residence. 
  • PMI — Per the “Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020” passed late in 2019 PMI premiums will be deductible and that has been extended retroactively to 2018 as well. Please bring in your 1098 form for 2018 to see if an amendment will need to be filed. 
  • Charitable contributions and mileage (If a car or other large item we need the paperwork)